Hello, sà-wàt-dee, namaste :-)

If you've reached this page you're probably wanting to find out a bit more about Nathaniel Moody. Consider this my 'official page'. I'm always looking to learn more, and consider all advice if anyone cares to share. Life is still a work in progress...These are some things I have been doing. The satisfaction I've had from learning from everyone along my way; and from those happy I've helped them, keeps me going.


A passion for IT and a will to fix whatever I can has lead me to create and run my own computer repair service. I undertake the majority of the work repairing computer hardware and software; designing, maintaining and hosting websites; and technology tuition – bring on anything technical. Both for business and residential customers. I'm always looking for more work, challenges, ideas and collaborations so please get in touch if you have something to say.


A little about other things I'm interested in. I like sport, following football and playing hockey, running and cycling. I like adventuring and visiting places which I do far too little of - a nice long coastal walk is a great way to spend the day. I also like to help good causes when I can - the most recent example of this was helping to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan for my old town of Horncastle.